Esthetician School Curriculum

Hawaii Rules and Regulations

  • 5 clock hours, theory
  • To understand and follow legal procedures and prepare for State Exam.


  • 20 clock hours, theory – 40 clock hours, practical
  • Pertaining to the practices and effects for an Esthetician.
  • Shall include the chemical composition and purpose of cosmetic and skin care preparations consisting of food, plants, algae and other inorganic substances with the observance of physical and chemical changes of matter.
  • Shall also include the elementary chemical make-up, chemical skin peels, packs, masks and scrubs.
  • Training shall emphasize that only non-living, upper most layers of skin, known as the Epidermis may be removed, and only for the purpose of beautification.

Health and Safety / Hazardous Substances

  • 20 clock hours, theory
  • To ensure protection for the Esthetician, client and public.
  • Shall include training in chemicals and health establishments, Material Safety Data Sheets, protection from hazardous chemicals and preventing chemical injuries, health and safety laws and agencies, ergonomics, communicable diseases including HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis


  • 40 clock hours, theory – 60 clock hours, practical
  • To instruct the effectiveness of electrical apparatus and the proper uses.
  • Shall include the nature of electrical current, principals of operating electrical devices, and the various safety precautions used when operating electrical equipment
  • Shall include the use of all electrical modalities of advanced technology for facial, body and skin care purposes; including magnifying lamps, hi-frequency, galvanic, faradic, and infra-red currents.

Disinfecting and Sanitation

  • 10 clock hours, theory -10 clock hours, practical
  • To instruct and demonstrate proper uses and procedures.
  • Shall include procedures to protect the health and safety of the consumer as well as the technician.
  • Shall include the ten required minimum operations that shall entail performing all necessary functions yet not limited to 10, for disinfecting instruments and equipment. Disinfecting should be emphasized throughout the entire training period and must be performed before use of all instruments and equipment.

Bacteriology, Anatomy, Physiology, Skin Analysis and Conditions

  • 70 clock hours, theory
  • The study of systems; location; function and assessment for treatment.
  • Bacteriology understanding growth, reproduction, infections and The Bodies Defenses.
  • Anatomy including: Cells, Tissues, Organs, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Circulatory System, Endocrine System, Excretory System, Respiratory System, Digestive System, and Reproductive System.
  • Physiology and Histology including Keratin Composition, Collagen, How the skin is nourished, Skin Elasticity and Cell Replacement, Absorption, Melanocytes, Glands and Functions of the Skin.


  • 19 clock hours, theory
  • The students will experience using their sense of smell of various essential oils and learn their natural healing properties.


  • 6 clock hours, theory
  • Using specific points on the feet that correspond to the internal organs of the body. This becomes a less invasive way of stimulating electromagnetic meridians.

Industry Research Report

  • 40 clock hours, theory
  • This is a final report including topic research and a presentation.

Home Study

  • 10 clock hours, theory
  • Analysis of the reading material for facials, reflexology, massage forms, and motor points.


  • 60 clock hours, theory – 40 clock hours, practical
  • The study and application of knowledge to beautify the face and skin.
  • Shall include skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, Spa Luna signature massage form, motor points and Chinese theory of 5 elements use for facial analysis.

Hair Removal and Eyebrow Arching

  • 25 clock hours, theory – 40 clock hours, practical
  • To explain the different methods of hair removal.
  • Shall include tweezing and custom shaping, chemical depilatories, waxing, short-wave and hi-frequency methods.


  • 20 clock hours, theory – 20 clock hours, practical
  • To analyze a client’s facial shapes and features to enhance and beautify.
  • Shall include skin analysis, complete and corrective make-up.

Ethics Circle and Guest Speakers

  • 5 clock hours, theory
  • Includes communication circles on Ethics, Movement, Tai Chai, Yoga, Chi Kung, Meditation, and Guest Speakers

Clinic Management and Clean up

  • 40 clock hours, theory
  • Composed of client record keeping, receptionist duties and clean up.
  • Total of 600 clock hours, 390 clock hours, theory and 210 clock hours, practical.